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What Is Difference Between Hot and Beautiful Women

I’ve always wondered “what is the difference between a hot woman and a beautiful woman.” Of course, I crave of something better than just description of their appearances behind these words. Something is more fascinating about themselves.


hot bikini

Speaking of a hot lady, we might immediately imagine how seductive and sexy she is. That seems to make us think about “a high temperature” around her body with massive features, like eyes, lips, boobs and butts. It’s also about short skirts and tight jeans that intensify her curves. Moreover, a hot chick might go with makeup all day. She can’t forget to touch up her lipsticks and facial powders. All she wants to get people’s attention how sexually attractive she is.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

“Hot” means to talk about the woman’s physical beauty rather than personalities. For example, look at Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, they look so “hot” in swimsuits. We can find a bunch of hot, sexy girls on facebook, instagram, twitter and other social networking platforms. Why do they keep uploading their body photos publicly day by day? Because they want the globe to know that “I’m hot and I’d love to share this with you, Let’s like or tweet to admit it!”

Usually hot ladies know they’re “hot” and there are also many particular points that go along to trace their characteristics. “Queen bee” I guess. They are kind of arrogant and have entitlement complex compared to average women. In psychological terms, I can say they have more sense of Narcissism (extreme selfishness). They might be a type of women that men want to to be with for “one night stand” instead of binding relationships. They are more likely to spend lots of time for cosmetic surgery, lip injection or breast lift in preference to developing intelligence and personality.

The word “hot” to say about a woman is so short as how long men can stand for her. Gentlemen might be momentarily excited about how incredibly she can bring good moments and moan on bed. However, this “Mean Girl” might be not someone they truly expect to introduce to their parents or become mother of their children.


Natalie Portman

“Everyone can be beautiful”

“Beautiful” can say much more than just women’s physical appearance. She can have a nice, good-looking face; but, she might not have a hot body. It’s not about large chest, bronzed skin, full lips or big bottom. There is something else worthier and more adorable that makes real gentlemen can’t get away from her.

That word can go so far to talk about how wonderful the personality of a true woman are. A beautiful women always know what they desire and won’t stop following their ambition and dream. She will be the one decides who she wanna to be and know her self-value to deserve respect and admiration. The gorgeous won’t waste time to chase around particular standards for men’s sake. They feel pleased and confident in their own skin, dress up in their ways and live up with their own believes.

Furthermore, a “beautiful” girl is really convincible and mindful when speaking to other people. If need to give examples of this, Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman pop out in my mind.

Emma Watson

Pretty women are more passionate about their intelligent improvement rather than physical enhancement. Men are more likely to fall in love with them because of their loveable minds, attitudes, behaviours and knowledge, “you can fix your body; but not your brain.” They might be very clumsy on bed; otherwise, won’t make gentlemen feel regret when bring them home and being a part of his family. All men can receive from them is trust, loyalty, kindness, compassion, appreciation, strength and willingness. If someone reach to you and say “you’re cute, pretty and nice; but not hot”, don’t feel down about it; but feel proud of yourself.

This is my very personal ideas about hot and beautiful women. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestion and opinions about this post, Please let me hear you out. Thank you so much for your reading and support!